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2019 Application

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Be a part of our million-dollar year!

The application to be considered as the beneficiary of the 2019 Enloe Charity Ball is now LIVE!


  1. Complete the following application by May 17th HERE
  2. Nonprofits must have a 990 form to be eligible and must be submitted to Vice President of Service Sydney Marks at sydneydmarks@gmail.com at the time of application submission.
  3. Attend our optional interest event at VAE on May 7th to learn more about our organization and selection process. Click HERE for more information and to register.
  4. For any questions, email George “Nate” Barilich, Director of Enloe Charity Ball, at gbarilich2@wcpss.net

Charities will be evaluated on the impact on the Enloe community, volunteer capacity, proposed allocation of money, and alignment with Enloe Charity Ball’s mission, among other factors. Following the May 17 deadline, members of Enloe Charity Ball’s executive board will review the charities and make a final decision by June 14.

“We are excited to learn about and engage with local nonprofits. Enloe Charity Ball and the entire Enloe community look forward to working with our next beneficiary,” says Sydney Marks, Enloe Charity Ball’s Vice President of Service.”

Enloe Charity Ball not only consistently exceeds its monetary goal year after year, it also seeks to raise community awareness for all of the nonprofits they work with and the problems they seek to solve. Beneficiaries are able to see a steady influx of Enloe volunteers from various student-led clubs and organizations at their facilities during the winter months. Charity Ball’s sphere of influence has grown extensively through its fourteen years and a number of local nonprofits have been able to benefit greatly from this.

“The beneficiary selected for the 2019 Enloe Charity Ball will join us in a monumental milestone as we hit the million-dollar organizational mark spanning 15 years of service. We are looking for organizations that will bring positive energy, act purposefully, and creatively stretch themselves to celebrate this mark of student achievement,” says George “Nate” Barilich, Director of Enloe Charity Ball.