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The Dance

When is Enloe Charity Ball?

Charity Ball is on Saturday, December 7th from 7:00pm til 11:00pm

Where is Charity Ball?

Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh

When did Enloe Charity Ball begin?

In 2004, benefitting Haven House


What’s the difference between Regular and VIP tickets?

Regular tickets only allow you to get into the dance. You would have to pay for regular coat check inside, your drinks all night, and any pictures taken by the photographer. 

VIP tickets get you in and gives you VIP coat check (located separate from the regular coat check) and an unlimited amount of tickets and drinks for the night. 

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes! You can pay the difference by making a $10 donation through the donation link or by sending $10 to our Venmo (@Enloe-Charity-Ball) and then email info@enloecharityball.org with your name and the change you would like to take place.

Can I get a refund on a ticket I bought?

No, we do not give refunds to purchased tickets.

What is a donated ticket and how do I get one?

A donated ticket is a ticket that is paid for by sponsors of Enloe Charity Ball. If you would like one, please let your counselor know so that they can tell us and we can make it happen.

Can adults or students from other schools come to Charity Ball?

Yes! Adults and students from all schools are welcome! Our event is open to the public. 

Can I give my friend my ticket?

Yes, you have to email info@enloecharityball.org with your name, the type of ticket you bought, and who you would like to give it to so that we can keep record of the transaction. We will not accept the ticket from someone other than the name on the ticket unless they have emailed about the change before December 8th.

Do I have to print out a copy of my ticket or email confirmation?

No, you do not have to print out your ticket but do have it ready on your phone to show us along with identification to provide you are the person the ticket is for.

Do I have to bring ID to get into Charity Ball?

Yes! You have to bring either your school issued student ID, state issued license/permit, or a print out of your PowerSchool account or report card. You will not be let in if you do not have some form of identification on your person, testimony of your identity from a student council member or teacher present does not count.