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2022 – Alliance Medical Ministry

Enloe Charity Ball proves the power of youth in philanthropy (January 25th)

“Enloe High School in Raleigh is teaching students to be leaders in philanthropy and how to equitably address issues affecting their community.”

‘Remarkable’ Enloe students are raising $175,000 for health care access. How to help. (December 7th)

“The Enloe Charity Bell is pretty remarkable that students can raise so much money and be so committed and so passionate for an issue that’s a big issue for our community,” Pete Tannenbaum, the executive director of Alliance Medical Ministry, said in an interview. “They’re tackling community problems at the age of 17 and 18, and that’s fantastic.”

Enloe Charity Ball teaches students how to give (December 9th)

“’What they accomplish every year to support local charities should be seen as a model for how both youth- and adult-led organizations can work with nonprofits to have transformative impact.’”

2021 – Haven House Services

Haven House Chosen as 2021 Enloe Charity Ball Beneficiary (March 4th)

Enloe Charity Ball bounces back from pandemic to raise $160,000 to help homeless teens (December 16th)

“Located in Raleigh, Haven House helps more than 1,200 youth each year that are experiencing homelessness, in a crisis, or in trouble at home, school or in the community.”

2019 – Southeast Raleigh Promise

#AliveWithPurpose (October 21st)

“We instantly fell in love with SERP during the application process. We strongly believe that their mission aligns with our core values as an organization and that their work will make a tangible impact on the economic well-being of southeast Raleigh.”

WRAL Interview (November 25th)

Enloe High School has raised $1 million for local charities. It needs $60,000 more. (November 27th)

“Enloe has always been part of the Southeast Raleigh community,” Baker said in an interview. “The young folks have done an excellent job of supporting people in the past. We like the fact that the students are involved in volunteering and not just in raising money.”

Enloe High students set goal of raising $200,000 for Raleigh nonprofit (December 3rd)

“Baker said this funding is different from any other grant they’ve applied for and will help them expand their reach in Southeast Raleigh.”

Enloe’s Impact: A Student-Led Effort (December 4th)

“Though I graduate this year and move on from Enloe Charity Ball, I will forever be inspired by the values of leadership, creativity, and inclusivity that our organization promotes in order to inspire and impact our community.”

Enloe Charity Ball aims to raise $200k for Southeast Raleigh Promise (December 4th)

“The fact that it’s not just a one and done for them- that they’ve really committed to this organization, to this initiative, and to their community has been an exciting experience.”

2018 – The Autism Society of North Carolina (Raleigh IGNITE Program)

Annual charity ball makes these students a nonprofit force. This year’s cause: Autism (November 29th)

“Govan said the Enloe volunteers have become an integral part of IGNITE as they interact with the members, who may have been bullied or felt like they were left out of the group when they were in high school.”

Enloe High School Charity Ball hopes to raise $200,000 for Autism Society of NC (December 4th)

“‘We have built this IGNITE program side by side with them and their energy and enthusiasm says so much about our community and our hopes for the future,’ said White. ‘As a result of their efforts, I know our community is alive with purpose.'”

2017 – The Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness

Enloe Student Council: A Legacy of Leadership and Service (March 13th)

“There will always be people for us to fight for, people that will enable us to ignite that spark of service.”

Homelessness partnership to become beneficiary of charity ball (August 14th) 

“Having 35 to 45 students from our community supporting the center and being able to put their stamp on both centers is really something that we hope compels people into a call of action,” Overdorf said.

Enloe Charity Ball (November 8th)

The 3rd Annual Charity Art Auction includes pieces by local artists and talented William G. Enloe High School students.[…] Proceeds from pieces sold at the event will benefit The Raleigh-Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness.”

Enloe High School Is Alive With Purpose (December 3rd)

Divided into teams for outreach, service, logistics, marketing, and finance, the Charity Ball organization more closely resembles Swiss government agencies than the average high school student government. […] Thirteen years ago, Enloe student Rachel Escobar established the Charity Ball to support Haven House. In the ensuing years, the Charity Ball fundraising has grown from $6,000 to six figures. The Charity Ball has gained such prominence that this year over thirty organizations applied to partner with Enloe.”

Enloe High School Charity Ball aims to raise $150K for Raleigh-Wake Partnership (December 7th)

“Because of what they’re doing, their gift will construct a picnic pavilion at the soon-to-be multi-services center that will always be their footprint in the community,” said Shana Overdorf, the Partnership’s Executive Director.”

2016 – Urban Ministries

8.22.16 NC Nonprofit News (August 22nd)

Urban Ministries of Wake County was selected as the beneficiary of Enloe High School‘s 12th Annual Charity Ball. Enloe students will raise money for the organization through ticket sales and other small fundraising initiatives.”

Annual Enloe Charity Ball will benefit Urban Ministries (November 30th)

As the councils vice president of service leading the Charity Ball, senior Julia Weaver has emphasized “not just the money we raise, but why we’re raising the money” and “to see the impact we are having, regardless of any check.””

Enloe students close to fundraising goal (December 9th)

“When most high school students are counting the days to Christmas break, the students at Raleigh’s Enloe Magnet High School are tirelessly working to surpass their goal of supporting a deserving local charity.”

2015 – Learning Together

In Depth: Enloe High School Charity Ball (November 10th)

The student council at a North Carolina High school is busy planning for a large event designed solely to give back to their peers.“

Midtown Muse: Enloe High School aims to raise $110,00 for Learning Together (November 24th)

Money raised through the 11th annual Charity Ball will help Learning Together, a Southeast Raleigh non-profit that provides early education and developmental and mental health services for children 18 months to 5 regardless of disability or socioeconomic status.”

Enloe Charity Ball benefits education non-profit (December 7th)

Enloe High School is on a mission to raise $100,000 for Learning Together, a non-profit early education center located in Southeast Raleigh.”

Southeast Raleigh teenagers help out special-needs kids, and it makes us feel all warm inside (December 8th)

The Enloe gift, Barnes says, is the largest in its history aside from major foundation grants. Enloe students have been “incredible, determined, passionate, creative—it’s hard to describe what they have done and the heart they have given.””

2014 – Interfaith Food Shuttle

Midtown Muse: Enloe High’s Charity Ball will raise money to feed the hungry (October 17th)

“‘It has a real impact on us to known we’re doing something to directly impact people who might be passing in the hallway at school and in our community who might be suffering from hunger,’ said Bissanayake, 17. “That’s what makes Charity Ball so special.'”

Enloe Charity Ball to Benefit Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (November 21st)

This year, the council seeks to raise $75,000 to aid Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s food recovery and distribution program to combat child hunger in the greater Raleigh area.”

Enloe High School students addressing hunger by hosting upcoming charity ball (November 28th)

Students have been meeting and planning all year, and they’ve already raised an impressive $58,000, although they’re hoping to reach $75,000. All of that will go to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in Raleigh which not only hands out food to those in need, it also offers job training in culinary arts and agriculture.”

10th Annual Enloe Charity Ball Raises $92,000 for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (December 15)

Enloe High School Student Council raised a record-setting $92,000 for the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle through their annual event Charity Ball. The student council is a 63 member, entirely student-run organization, elected by the Enloe student body.”

Midtown Muse: Enloe High School’s Charity Ball is a huge success in Raleigh (December 12th)

“‘They put their heart and soul into raising both money for Inter-Faith and awareness regarding hunger in our school community,’ said Trudy Price-O’Neil, an Enloe teacher and the student council’s executive council adviser. ‘They consistently restore my faith in humanity and give me hope for the future of our world.

“Their belief in the good of others and in each other fuels their ability to move mountains to reach seemingly impossible goals.'”

2013 – SAFEchild

High school students work to fight child abuse (December 2nd)

“I’m not aware of another student group at an individual school that is trying to raise these kinds of dollars for the community,” says Nancy Bromhal, development director at SAFEchild. “SAFEchild is lucky to be able to work with them.”’

Enloe charity ball to help SAFEchild (December 7th)

The students have planned assembles for each grade at Enloe about child abuse, held competitions between homerooms to raise funds, sought out donors and launched a social media campaign in support of their mission.”

Enloe Magnet High charity ball 2013 raises $62,000 (December 20th)

Enloe Student Council originally made a pledge to honor SAFEchild by raising $50,000. Thanks to thousands of donors, attendees, students, teachers and administrators and with the help of SAFEchild and Marbles Kids Museum, the school presented SAFEchild with a check for $62,000 at the ball.”

Nonprofit news roundup, 01.10.14: Students at Enloe High School raise $63,000 for SAFEchild (January 10th, 2014)

The 9th annual Enloe Charity Ball, an event organized by the Student Council at Enloe High School in Raleigh to support an individual charity, raised $63,000, exceeding its $50,000 goal, and benefited SAFEchild, a child abuse prevention agency.”

2012 – InterACT

The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) Barry Saunders column (December 13th)

In honor of Enloe’s 50th anniversary, Martin said, students want to give InterAct $50,000. They have already raised $8,000 by donating their lunch money or collecting it from the community.”

Enloe High charity ball raises money for domestic violence victims (December 19th)

This year is Enloe’s 50th anniversary and the school’s student council challenged the school community to raise $1,000 for each year the school has been open. The night of the event, student council presented InterAct with a $50,300 check, more money raised than by any other previous charity ball.”